The Votingest City Challenge

See you in 2021 and beyond...

We had to cancel the national contest due to the pandemic. We will do a New York State contest in 2021 and possibly a few other states. The first National contest will be in 2022.

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The city-to-city Votingest City Challenge will encourage cities to enter into a lighthearted competition to see who gets the highest percentage of eligible voters to vote and which city is the most improved. The first national contest is scheduled for November 2020. Guidelines will be offered to cities to improve turnout. The prizes will be trophies that name those who fought for voting rights and using the Stanley Cup model, will be held by the cities until the next national voting happens.

The Votingest City Challenge is a unique opportunity to increase voter participation in the 2020 Presidential election, have some fun, and participate in a light hearted joyful competition among US cities to see which cities have the highest percentage of eligible voters vote and which cities have made the biggest improvement since the 2016 Presidential election. Depending on the number cities enrolled we may divide them into various grouping such as size or location. This will mean that there may be several winners. Participating cities will receive some basic guidelines to increase registration and voting participation.

We are asking cities to agree to the following:

  1. All cities will report their 2016 Presidential results to determine base line.
  2. Cities will use the same methodology in 2020 that was used in 2016 unless they obtain an agreement to use different criteria.
  3. All cities will report results by Dec. 1, 2020.
  4. All cities are encouraged to announce their participation in this challenge.
  5. All cities are encouraged to share some of their fun activities of things they have used and what the results were.
  6. We will post these on our REJOICE THE VOTE website.
  7. The winning cites of both the most voter participation and most improved city will receive trophies which honor our democracy by remembering our democratic struggles and those who have worked to enhance our democracy. These trophies will be held for one year until the next election.
  8. All cities will allow us to announce their participation.

Cities may withdraw at anytime.