Age 11
Philadelphia, PA

I’m a totally normal child, born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico; living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m the middle one, from two other sisters. My Dad passed away when I was only three days born, since I was 7 months old my mom moved to Philadelphia and meet my stepdad who’s been awesome and really good to my big sister and I. In 2015 my little sister came to our lives. I’ll always remember, since I was a smaller kid, I’ve always loved to draw. Drawing is my best way to express my feelings, I’m not really good at talking, and drawing I can express whatever I want. I got inspired to enter this contest, not to win, but to motivate all the adults to raise their voices for all of us, the children and vote for our future. The first motivation is the currents events happening, we truly need a good leader, our lives have to be in goods hands, and only voting we can achieve that.