Age 23
Stamford, Connecticut

I am a native of Stamford, Connecticut, and presently a sophomore at Rhode Island School of Design, where I am focusing on Film Animation and Video studies. From age three, I have been interested in cartoons and animation. I have long been enamored with classic cartoons from as far back as the 60’s and 70’s; “Looney Toons‚” “Popeye the Sailor‚” and “Fat Albert” are among them. Throughout grade school, I worked on developing my cartooning and animation starting with little, handmade flipbooks. What inspired this piece for me is my feeling that too many of my generation do not grasp the importance of voting. Some would even rather make jokes about it because I think they feel helpless. What I would like to convey to them is that, even though it seems like we’re living in bleak and uncertain times, our votes can make all the difference. All hope for the world lies in us, the up and coming generation, and the divine right we have in the vote.