Age 15
Anchorage, Alaska

I am a Spanish exchange student, residing in Anchorage, Alaska temporarily.

The reason for making this poster was the anger I have inside, I needed to get rid of a part of it. I’m going to try to be pretty unbiased, and I’m going to try not to give any indication of my principles and my values, which is what I would base myself on if I could vote for someone.

The thing is that I thought that in America there was no corruption, no dirty money, but that’s not the case. In Spain there is an incredible corruption, from judges, to politicians, to executives of high companies, that in case you didn’t know, my father pays more taxes than Netflix in Spain. I am very tired of Spanish politics and every time I put on the news I get dizzy. I thought that here, in the United States, that didn’t happen, but apparently it did. I have been learning a lot about your history, your presidents, and the form of government you have here, and I am sorry to tell you, but with Spain, you have one of the worst policies I have ever seen. It’s always the same, they try to make us think in a certain way to let us be fooled into giving power to someone they are interested in. Well, the same thing happens in Spain, I live in Catalonia, I don’t know if you’ll remember it, but you know Barcelona? Messi? Well, I live there, I don’t know if you know the dilemma that Catalonia has with Spain, Catalonia wants to become independent, and the Spanish government is trying to eradicate the “Generalitat”, the Catalan government, in every possible way. Well, the same thing is happening here, I hope you have already noticed, I don’t know if you have seen the speech that one of the two most important people in the country had, 100 lies become one truth, and if, one way to make your opponent unable to express his ideas, is to interrupt him continuously, coincidentally, all of them are right-wing, and I don’t mean only from America, but also from Spain and I think around the world.

Anyway, I have designed this logo to encourage young people from 16 onwards to vote, I don’t have them yet. We are the ones who are putting up with what the top executives created, at least I would like to be able to vote, well… Not me, I can’t, young Americans, who are also people. We know more than anyone how to manage the new technologies and we are getting used to every change, the least they could do is let us vote. I also try to remember how the right to vote, which as usual we can, what we still do not understand is what it took past generations to get it. Finally, I try to encourage young people to vote, I think it can be a good opportunity to change the world, we are the only ones who can change it, that’s why we need to have an opinion.

I don’t know if I’ve managed to reflect all that in my logo, but at least I’ve tried.