Design 6

Ithaca, NY

Age 43

I’m a printmaker, graffiti artist, and designer passionate about the intersections of art and justice.  I coordinate murals throughout Ithaca as part of an art and culture strategy for community organizing and justice movement building.  Everyone is an artist – including you.  Together we are strong. These pieces are spray-painted stencils with photo overlays of inspiring leaders.  Thank you for inspiring me and many others to get out the vote! (I didn’t find many high resolution images online of the young people listed on the poster, so I incorporated additional leaders who have inspired civic engagement.  If you have high resolution photos that we are able to use, I would be happy to design more posters.  The photographs, words, and stenciled layers (patterns/hands/ballot box) can be mixed and matched to suit if you’d like me to try new variations.  I’d love to make additional posters with Phoebe Brown and Ana Ortiz who have helped significantly get out the vote here in Ithaca. Welcoming other suggestions too!)